Getting your first car or upgrading your current one?

Before you pick your new car, check out our tips which could help save you some money off your next insurance policy.

When picking your new car, it’s advised to shop for your insurance before you buy. This will help give you an idea of the price of your new insurance policy before you buy the car, determining if the car is within your budget. This is advised especially to new drivers who may initially have high insurance quotes.

Before you shop for your insurance, we recommend you take the following steps:

  • Choose a make and model to get a sample quote on.

If you ask an insurance provider to give you a quote on the car that you are interested in. (You can gather all the required information for a quote on the WhichCar website under each car). This will then allow you to get a quote on the car and advise you as to whether the car you selected is within your insurance budget.

  • Gather insurance quotes from a variety of insurance providers

By gathering quotes from different providers, it will give you the opportunity to compare prices and insurance policies. This will help get you the best policy available for both your budget & needs.

  • Identify what is covered under your policy

Before agreeing to your chosen policy, make sure that quote includes any extras that you require such as breakdown assistance.

To get you started, why not browse the new or used cars we have available online today?

Happy Shopping

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